Saturday, July 11, 2015

Treat Yo Self 2015

We had another brutal winter, and amid the many snow days, I discovered I'm allergic to dogs, cats, and among other things, cockroaches (neat). In addition, I learned the spectacular news that I have a nephew on the way (McNugget # 2!), and we celebrated Mom's 8-year cancer-free anniversary! 

Back in April, when the snow had thawed but it felt like summer would never get here (we were in school until JUNE FIFTEENTH, people), my friend Joey and I needed a light at the end of tunnel, so to speak. I don't exactly remember, but I'm pretty sure our conversation went something like this:

Me: We should have a Treat Yo Self Day.
Joey: What's that?
Me: Watch this...

If you're like Joey and find yourself unfamiliar with what it means to "Treat Yo Self", you should go ahead and watch this short clip from the hilarious show Parks and Rec:

Joey was on board without hesitation: Yes! Mimosas! Wait-do I like mimosas? Probably!

So basically I was Donna, and he was Tom and on June 18th, Treat Yo Self 2015 commenced as follows:

Treat yo self!
Brunch at The Cafe

Custom T-shirts.
Treat yo self!

What's better than a t-shirt with your face on it? Thanks, Dirty Tease! #treatyoself

Drinks with umbrellas.
Treat yo self!

 Cheers to pedicures & smoothies at Na'Vi Salon!

Shopping spree.
Treat yo self!

Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass: Purses, and glasses, and shoes! Oh my!

Treat yo self!

After a delicious dinner at Stoney River, we checked into the fabulous 21c Hotel...
...where art, architecture, and rubber ducks live in harmony.

Luxury hotels.
Treat yo self!


Peace. Love. And penguins.

Oh you know, just waiting for the valet to bring the car 'round.

Brunch at Toast, where Treat Yo Self Day collided with Joey's Birthday (Also, is that John Candy?)

After a stroll through Waterfront Park to visit to the Abraham Lincoln Memorial...

...we concluded that Treat Yo Self 2015 was, indeed, the best day of the year! 

Everyone deserves a Treat Yo Self Day, so I suggest you start planning yours. 
I'm already looking forward to Treat Yo Self 2016!