Sunday, January 31, 2016

Louisville Restaurant Resolution List

Every new year I resolve to lose weight and get more organized. This year I decided to make a resolution I knew I could actually keep: to visit as many different Louisville restaurants as possible. So last week I spent one of my three snow days being super productive; and by super productive, I mean I sat on the couch and made a list of all the places in town at which I want to eat. 

It's no secret that Louisville has one of the best food scenes around. Some of my favorites include The Silver Dollar, Grind Burger Kitchen, Mussel & Burger Bar, Cafe Lou Lou, Napa River Grill, and The Irish Rover. As ecstatic as I am when my friends suggests we visit one of those delicious places, there are so many more eateries in town I've been wanting to try.

I looked to the Instagram account "EatLoveLouisville" for inspiration, and created the following list:

1. The Post 
2. Joella's Hot Chicken
3. Feast
4. Over the Nine
5. Harvest 
6. Zeggz 
7. Nord's Bakery
8. Against the Grain Brewery
9. Hi Five Donuts
10. Blaze
11. Ghyslain 
12. Wild Rita's
13. Jeff Ruby's
14. Fontleroy's 
15. Please & Thank You
17. Big Four Burgers
18. Stout Burgers
19. Sidebar 
20. El Camino
21. The Hub 
22. Royals
23. Monnik
24. Check's Cafe

This weekend I was able to visit two of the spots on my list, and let me just say that they did not disappoint. 

On Saturday, my cousin Tara and I ventured out to The Post for some New York-style pizza. 

Tara ordered the meatball calzone, for which she had to get a to-go box because it was so large (and yummy). I got a "giant slice" of pepperoni and it was a giant delight.

The atmosphere was fun and laid-back, and my bill was under five dollars, folks. I will report back to The Post for sure.

On Sunday, my friends Erin and Jenny accompanied me to Zeggz for brunch. The girls opted for breakfast, while I went the lunch route and got "The Big Z".

It was truly one of the best burgers I've ever eaten, and the seasoning on their fries was sensational. Erin also ordered a skillet cinnamon roll for us to share, and it was the sweet stuff dreams are made of.

I'm pleased to say the first two restaurants on my list were a hit, and I can't wait to try the others. If you've been to any of the eateries I'm hoping to visit, please let me know what you thought and what you would recommend. Are there any additions you think I should make to the list? 

Here's to fabulous food, family, friends, and fun!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Twenty-Fifteen Blessings

I'm not going to sugarcoat it. 2015 hasn't been my favorite year. I've spent a lot of it sick and stressed out. By the lack of posts, it's obvious I haven't exactly been inspired to write. 

But as I lay on the couch watching football on the final day of 2015, I thought about how I've always done a year-in-review since I started this blog, and while I'm sure all (thirteen) of my readers' lives would go on just fine without it, I didn't want to have any regrets and thus, I convinced myself to follow suit.

And you know what? I'm really glad that I did. Because as I started looking back at the pictures I've taken this year, I realized that a lot of wonderful things happened. So while at times I have felt really stressed, 2015 has truly been another year about which to feel blessed...

I got to start the year with some of my favorite Bellarmine peeps.

Derby Day at my aunt's house meant family, fishing, and fun.

Watching The Bachelor with Angie and Courtney made Mondays worth waking up for.

I loved having my sweet niece visit my classroom!

I had yet another fabulous trip with my DT girls, which included a walking tour of downtown Cincinnati and a stay at the luxurious 21C Hotel.

Mom being kidney cancer-free has become one of my favorite anniversaries to commemorate; 8 years and counting!

I loved being with my Grandma in Indianapolis to celebrate her 86th birthday.

It was so special to be at the hospital when Anderson met baby brother Brody.

Treat Yo Self 2015 was such a good day, it got its own post this year.

I'm so grateful our whole family could be at the lake together this summer; nothing makes me happier than when we are all together.

I had a ball (pun intended) planning the baseball-themed baby shower for Kate and little Lucas!

I enjoyed getting to know my fellow bridesmaids and getting to see my friend of 20 years tie the knot.

The highlight of the year was definitely the birth of my nephew! He is so precious and I've loved seeing him grow the past three months. My niece adores him and it has warmed my heart to see her as a big sister. 

Speaking of the (little) big sister, we started spending every Wednesday night with my niece, and by we I mean my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and me. From touring Target to looking at Christmas lights, I've enjoyed every moment of our weekly outings.

There was no way I could lose getting to attend the Bellarmine-Louisville basketball game with Terry, Dan, Tara, Jill, and Andy. Go Knights! Go Cards! Go Family!

Seeing Straight No Chaser for the third time with my girls Jenny and Erin was delightful. Note: if you haven't heard them sing, I suggest you remedy that

Spending Christmas Day with these two sweeties was the greatest gift of all!

From the moment I saw Darrell Griffith & Denny Crum at the Hard Rock Cafe, until the final second ticked off the game clock at Nissan Stadium, I loved my Music City Bowl experience. Cheering my Cards on to victory over Texas A & M in Nashville was a wonderful way to wrap up the year.

With such supportive family and friends, it's clear that I truly am too blessed to be stressed, and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store.