Saturday, December 10, 2011


Yesterday was the birthday of one of my favorite people on the planet, my aunt Terry! I have always thought of her as a second mother, and would do anything for her, as she has always done for me. So when she invited me to her birthday celebration at the Bingo, of course I went!  

Pink daubers in hand, Kate and I were ready to cover our cards.

 My aunt Mary made the drive from Nashville to surprise Terry. All 5 of my dad's sisters were present & ready to party!

Jill had to man her cards and Micah's cards for a brief time while he went on a concession stand run. Her words: "My arms look freakishly long". Long arms or not, that takes some skill, my friends.

 My little cousin John Henry came to bring Aunt Terry some luck.

I'm pretty sure I get my enthusiasm for birthdays from her!

This is just one of the reasons why I love my dad so much.

Partying hard...

The only winner of the night was my cousin Becca; the best part about this is that they announced her as 'Bella'...guess someone's Cs look like Ls! It also looks like 'Bella' will be coming back to the Bingo with her $20 gift certificate.

Lil' Sis clearly enjoyed Aunt Petey's cake.

Aunt Mary kept the surprises coming with this Santa snuggie...Ho Ho Happy Birthday!

My cousin Daniel helped lil' JH find a good seat... a result, Micah got a good ear-scratchin'.

Kate and I had to get a picture with the birthday girl in her new snuggie.

Although no one got to yell "Bingo", we did get the following things: good cake, lots of laughs, arm muscle definition (those daubers make you work), and some quality bonding time. I love my family!

Happy birthday, Terry! Love you!

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