Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tip Tuesday 8: T-Shirt Shenanigans

So last Monday night, this happened:

That's right. We (the Sparkle Sisters) represented our love for JT at Soldier Field in these awesome hand-crafted t-shirts. I mean, if he was going to notice us, we had to do something to stand out, right? Neon, blinging, off-the-shoulder shirts seemed like the answer.

Regardless of how ridiculous we looked, we had as great a time in the shirts as we did making them. If you've never used iron-on materials to make a shirt, I totally recommend it. So easy and fun!

We went to our local craft store and picked out our $4.00 shirts, a pack of colorful glitter iron-on paper, and 2 packs of iron-on letters. We followed the directions on the packs of iron-on materials and were able to create these cuties:

But we didn't stop there. I found a tutorial video on YouTube which helped us to make our shirts off-the-shoulder & look distressed.

So basically, now we want to quit our teaching jobs and open a t-shirt business. But seriously, the possibilities are endless with iron-ons & off-the-shoulder shirts! Turn a blank shirt into your own personal message board...take that old t-shirt in your drawer to a new level with a few snips of your scissors. Do your wardrobe a favor and get craftin'.

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