Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Photos 32: Falling for Fall Break

After a brief hiatus, Friday Photos are back, just in time to celebrate my love for everything Fall Break. Beginning last Friday, this Fall Break has been a relaxing reminder of the sweet freedom of Summer. I managed to use my freedom wisely, by cleaning out three bags of clothes & shoes to donate, clearing off months of mail to reveal the top of my dining room table, and transferring 15 years of CDs from their cases to one tidy binder.
In addition to vacuuming my floors for the first time in an I'm-too-embarrassed-to-actually-admit-it amount of time, I also managed to squeeze in a lil' bit of fun this week. I give you exhibits A-H:

Cheers to Fall Break, Courtney's birthday, taquitos, and low tolerance levels at Mussel & Burger Bar!

I actually got to do brunch & lunch (like other working adults), including this trip to Wild Eggs with my precious niece.

Courtney and I went for a stroll at the Anchorage Loop, which turned out to be a deer-watching walk. Shh! Bambi's trying to eat.

I met the fam over at little sis' new house to help hang blinds, and by "hang blinds" I mean "take pictures of my adorable McNugget".

I'm still not completely over the loss that the Cards suffered to UCF, but Ruthie and I had fun anyway. And boy did I own that Snuggie.

Clearly, the goal was to soak up as much McNugget time as possible. Mission accomplished. 
She's getting so big! Climbing up stairs & going down the slides like a boss.

I considered going to St. Louis to catch game 3 of the World Series, but after peeping the price tag for tickets on Stub Hub, I decided cheering the Cardinals on from the comfort of my couch would do just fine. Beat Boston!

After years of eyeing a mirrored nightstand at Pottery Barn, I thanked my lucky stars above that I waited so long to buy it when Mom and I came upon this beauty at Home Goods. Not only is it a more modern take on the piece I originally wanted, it was also $250 cheaper. Score.

Dear Fall Break,
Thank you for saving my sanity. I love you. Come back soon.

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