Monday, November 18, 2013

8 Random Things

So have you all seen the "[Insert number here] Things About Me" on Facebook? I had seen several of my friends post lists like these over the past week, but didn't know what it was all about. Then I saw that my friend Jenny had posted one, and after it made me laugh out loud, I "liked" it. A few minutes later, she told me I had the number 8. 
Ah, now I see how this works.

Well, I'm certainly not one to pass up a writing opportunity. Here's what I came up with:

1. I love solitude, but hate to go places by myself.
2. I find out what is going on in the world from Twitter & Late Night with Jimmy Fallon because I think the real news is too depressing.
3. I have never eaten a salad. In fact, anyone who says they like lettuce is questionable to me.
4. I despise when people try to tell me what to do.
5. I'm pretty sure my computer and phone both hate me for the amount of music & photos I have on them. 
6. I am an extrovert, but I turn into the queen of awkwardness around any guy I deem cute.
7. I tend to think of funny things whenever it's silent and I'm not supposed to laugh, causing my shoulders to shake uncontrollably, which inevitably makes me laugh even more.
8. I am happiest when my immediate family is all together.

A random list, a fun exercise. Go ahead and give it a shot. You have my permission to write as many things as you want.

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