Sunday, August 3, 2014

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Eleven. Days. Left.
And they can't get here soon enough.
Well, actually, I don't want to wish away my last days of Summer, so scratch that last statement. But seriously, y'all: Eleven. Days. Left.

I just finished Day 19 of the "Ripped in 30" fitness challenge, and let's just say it's not getting any easier. Jillian Michaels and I are not friends right now. Her DVD is killing me. My quads & triceps were literally crying after today's workout. I thought "The 30 Day Shred" was hard, but oh, how naive I was. I'm in the middle of Week 3 and I'm actually scared for what Week 4 has in store. What I'm trying to say is that this is not for the faint of heart.

My cousin Brittany asked me this weekend if "Ripped in 30" was fun. 
Haha. NO. 
I can think of many adjectives to describe this DVD, but fun is not one of them.

You know what is fun, though? Feeling like a beast each day I complete my workout, that's what. Liking what I see in the mirror and in recent photos is pretty fun, too. Hearing compliments from friends & family is definitely fun. 
And those are the things I have to keep remembering. The 25 minutes of torture each day are well worth the results I've seen thus far. Eleven more days, and then it's time to set a new goal for "fun".

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