Saturday, December 29, 2018

Photo Challenge 2018

Well, I did it. I completed the 2018 Photo Challenge. I took and shared a photo of at least one thing for which I was grateful for 365 consecutive days. Some days may have proved a little bit more difficult than others, but I was able to find at least one positive aspect in each day. From McNuggets to pineapples, concerts to trips, eating to dancing, and friends to family, it has been a year full of blessings. I cannot believe how quickly it passed, but as I look back on 2018, I can only smile and feel thankful.

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." -Gilbert K. Chesterton

Day 360

Day 202

Day 46

Day 111

Day 330

Day 125

Day 317

Day 249

Day 101

Day 123

Day 99

In reflecting back on the year, there were some clear themes that came to the forefront: Fun with Snapchat, My Awesome Coworkers, My Sweet Students, Celebrations, Decor, Concerts, Travel, Nature, Sporting Events, Food & Beverages, and of course, Pineapples. 

The Snaps
Clearly someone had some serious fun with Snapchat this year.
Day 44

Day 240

Day 56

Day 355

Day 55

Day 57

Day 66

The Best Coworkers
"Turns out, not where, but who you're with that really matters." -Dave Matthews
My job is a blessing because of the amazing people with whom I get to work.
Day 144

Day 341

Day 129

Day 351

Day 233

Day 123

Day 295

Day 88

The Sweet Students
My students are the most thoughtful individuals; they are the reason that I do what I do.
Day 103

Day 344

Day 337

Day 179

Day 30

Day 214

Day 221

Day 131

The Decor
From new furnishings to holiday trimmings, I made certain that my house and office felt festive and friendly throughout the year.
Day 216

Day 98

Day 84

Day 49

Day 72

Day 157

Day 86

Day 327

The Celebrations
I'm extremely grateful for the many birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays that gave me reasons to celebrate (and eat cake) this year!
Day 348

Day 185

Day 346

Day 362

Day 326

Day 123

Day 310

Day 244

Day 358

Day 220

Day 325

Day 158

Day 26

Day 300

Day 82

Day 168

Day 238

Day 17

Day 91

Day 184

Day 203

Day 347

Day 90

Day 73

Day 297

Day 172

Day 153

Day 265

Day 280

Day 324

The Natural Wonders
"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere." -Laura Ingalls Wilder
Day 152

Day 19

Day 79

Day 260

Day 12

Day 78

Day 146

Day 151

Day 102

Day 38

Day 15

Day 283

Day 259

The Games
From basketball to baseball, this sports fan can never get enough of cheering on some of her favorite teams with some of her favorite people.
Day 53

Day 301

Day 118

Day 336

Day 188

Day 343

The Dining & Drinking
Should I be embarrassed by the number of photos I took of food & beverages? Because honestly I'm proud (and hungry). Cheers to all of the deliciousness of 2018!
Day 228

Day 40

Day 197

Day 298

Day 345

Day 323

Day 89

Day 207

Day 166

Day 350

Day 191

Day 124

Day 64

Day 161

Day 195

Day 65

Day 204

Day 364

Day 132

Day 292

Day 250

Day 263

Day 170

Day 62

Day 270

Day 273

Day 173

The Trips
"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." -Saint Augustine
Travel will always make my heart happy, whether its to places I've visited many times before or to new destinations. From Indiana to Illinois, Nashville to Tampa, I'm grateful for the sights seen this year, and even more so for the time spent with friends and family.
Day 320

Day 322

Day 68

Day 251

Day 223

Day 206

Day 258

Day 92

Day 147

Day 205

Day 321

Day 318

Day 127

Day 205

Day 69

The Concerts
If there was only one thing I could spend my money on, it would be music. This year I got to see Pentatonix in concert for the first time, plus Dave Matthews & JT each for the fifth time! Good luck trying to top that, 2019.
Day 110

Day 255

Day 206

Day 262

The Pineapples
While I've had an affinity for them most of my adult life, this was clearly the year of the pineapples. They were seemingly on every store shelf, and my thoughtful friends and family made sure that I got them.
Day 236

Day 231

Day 2

Day 5

Day 316

Day 77

Day 160

Day 140

Day 70

Day 116

Day 237

Day 39

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." -Melody Beattie

Day 1

Day 365

From day 1 to day 365, this year has been one to remember, and definitely one for which to be grateful. This little photo project taught me that even the "bad days" have something good. Thank you to all of the people who had a positive impact on 2018, whether there's a photo of it or not! I can't wait to discover what the new year has in store. While I may not photograph each of the days ahead, I will certainly continue to see them through the lens of gratitude. Happy New Year!

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