Sunday, July 29, 2012

1 Week

It's hard to believe, but 1 week ago today, my McNugget came into the world. 
In these past 7 days,  Miss Emerson has changed my life in ways I never realized possible. I thought I knew what love was...and then I met my niece.
What I believed love to be, was merely a drop in the bucket compared to the feelings I have for this little girl. 1 week later, and I still tear up every time I look at her. She is a miracle.
It has been a privilege to watch my brother become a father, my sister-in-law become a mother. They have naturally stepped into their new roles as parents and I thank God that Emerson has them.
I have loved seeing Mom & Dad become "Grandma & Grandpa."  
And I know that Jill shares the joy & awe that I feel to be Emerson's aunt.
My aunt Terry said to me this week, "Now you know how easy it was for me to love you like you were my own." 
Oh how right she is.
This week has gone by way too quickly, but what a wonderful week it has been.

I look forward to the many, many, many more weeks to come with my sweet niece.

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