Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Part 3: The Final Installment

Ain't that the truth? Even though we had the longest summer due to no snow days for the first time in my 9 years of teaching, I still feel like it flew by! It was a productive, busy, and fun summer for sure. But in these last few weeks, I tried to slow down and savor my days ...doing absolutely nothing.
Okay well, not nothing. I would add one thing to that list: visit with my niece!
I swear if Micah and Kate would let me, I would move in! I am so so grateful to have had these past three weeks off work to spend with her.
I did manage to squeeze in some pool time as well as some dinners with  friends.
Angie & Eli keepin' it cool
Joey having some fun at Lynn's Paradise Cafe
Showing off the romance novels that held our checks at The Village Anchor

And in the spirit of the Olympics, my main man Anderson came over and showed off his couch-climbing skills.

I've spent the last two weeks back in my classroom. While I'd be lying if I said that I haven't felt the rush from newly laminated name tags and rainbow-licious packs of pens, as well as the excitement from being with my work peeps again, I am sad to see Summer go.

I'm already looking forward to next Summer when we can take Emerson to the zoo, the pool, baseball games, and the lake! In the meantime, I have 23 students to meet, a birthday party to plan, UofL football games to soon watch, and many McNugget firsts to witness.

Thank you, Summer. You were blazin' hot, but you were good to me!

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