Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy "F"ing Birthday

As hard as it is for me to believe, on Sunday I turned 31. Which also means that my lil' blog turned 1! I mean seriously, where did those 365 days go?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my tiny writing hobby this past year, and I want to thank all of my followers for taking the time to read my words! Whether you've been around since the first post, or this is your first visit, I hope that my blog has been helpful, maybe even inspirational, and above all, entertaining.

In the past year, I've crossed 2 items off my "Thirty Things in Thirty Years" bucket list (see numbers 19 and 20 here). So it looks like I've got 29 years to accomplish the remaining 28 things - no sweat.

Now, it hasn't been a perfect year by any means. I didn't get a job I interviewed for, I didn't get in shape, and I didn't meet Justin Timberlake. But I'd rather focus on the GOOD stuff that happened this year...

Suffice it to say, it may not have been a perfect year, but it sure was wonderful. If I get to experience half the things I did this year by the time I'm 32, I will be happy. The "F" in 'Happy "F"ing Birthday' isn't meant to be negative; it stands for Family, Friends, and Fun - all the things this birthday, blog, and past year have been about. 
So. Blessed.
Here's to the next year, y'all!

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