Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Photos 24: My Brother From Another Mother

Wednesday marked the 32nd anniversary of my dear friend Joey's day of birth. 

I met Joey standing in line for the Bellarmine (College, not University--yeah, we're that old, kids) Convocation Ceremony. So there I am, draped in a black robe in the middle of August on a Sunday afternoon, and I hear, "Hey, how are you?" I turn to see a bubbly young man standing in a black robe beside me. "I'm Joey, what's your name?" And the rest is pretty much history. 

So 14 birthdays later, here we are, still friends. But no black robes--those things were blazin' hot. With each passing year, I'm more and more thankful for my brother from another mother. Happy birthday, buddy! Here's to many more!

Wedding Singers

Go Cards!

You'll always be the Lorenzo to my Snooki.

You + My McNugget

Trivia buffs

Merry McDecker Christmas, everyone!


You and Rach were probably swapping recipes right before this was taken.

My favorite.

Phyllis McNutt

Thank you for introducing Bunco to my life...

...and for wigging out with me.

#happybirthday #thatswhywearefriends #wehavethebesthashtagconversations 

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