Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Photos 25: Happy B-day, D!

'Tis the eve of my dear friend Deanna's birthday. I thank my lucky stars she was born 31 years ago, and here's why:

She makes photo booths fun. 

She married an awesome dude.

She likes karaoke.

She makes a great wedding date.

She's a fellow Bellarmine Knight.

She wigs out with me.

She'll wear an 80s prom dress to White Castle on Valentine's Day.

She can rock an ugly Christmas turtleneck & vest like no one else.

She understands how "important" dolphins are.

She knows to call 1-800-LADY-TIX for a good time.

She encourages me to try new things and visit new places.

And because she's awesome.

Happy birthday, D! 
Here's to 31 + many more years of good times.

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